Frequently Asked Questions

Catsnatcher is an Amazon product ideation and research tool that analyses thousands of Amazon niches to pinpoint high-value, low-competition areas. From this starting point you can then start to examine opportunities and needs within that niche closer and develop a product based on the wants/negative reviews in that market.

Category Snatcher - get it? Yea it seemed cool at the time…

Catsnatcher will give you an insight into how popular a niche is (sales levels and reviews), how much profit is being made (revenue and FBA fees), how competitive it is (reviews and seller counts), how easily it can be conquered (listing quality and reviews) and how scalable it is (average variant and accessory counts).

Other Amazon tools require you to start with an area/product type and then research it - but if you don't like throwing darts at a board or if you’re as unoriginal as me it can be difficult knowing where to begin. Catsnatcher is fundamentally different from other product research tools as it doesn’t require you to ideate first. It exploits a kink in Amazon’s structure, namely its thousands of highly specific subcategories that align with product ideas. It then runs analysis on each of these subcategories so that users can find high-value, low-competition niches.

Also, while other tools try to be useful for different types of seller (Wholesaler, Private Label, Merchant) Catsnatcher is focused solely on Private Label sellers. For those not familiar, these are sellers that are creating custom new products - its where the largest margins lie on Amazon. Other tools focus on individual listing metrics, these are more useful for wholesalers and less important when you’re choosing an area to develop a new product in. Private Label sellers are not adding your name to a list of sellers and hoping to win the buy box, instead they're looking for an underserved, hungry market to sell a new offering to. You can’t find these niches by looking at a single listing. You need to analyse a niche (subcategory) as a single entity first. We also provide the individual listing metrics, but only for deeper analysis once you’ve spotted an interesting niche.

After a certain amount of time, yes. However, remember three things: Firstly, not all products that try and conquer these markets will be successful. You still have to have a useful, popular product backed up by outstanding service. Execution is important. Secondly, Amazon will continue to create new subcategories as product lines become wider and tastes change. Another function of Catsnatcher is to stay on top of new upcoming categories. Thirdly, before they are conquered, by definition there will need to be high-performing listings within these. Why not you?

The category level metrics take up to 20 of the top listings in each category into account and these are linked to an item list for each category (this lets you drill into any interesting niches you find for a closer look).

Catsnatcher was created because I was looking to get into Amazon Private Label (custom new product) selling earlier this year. I found other product research tools useful for when I had an idea I wanted to research, but I’m not terribly original, so pretty much everything I thought of had already been crowded out. Also, even when I did find a strong niche I always though there might be something better - how could I know?

As all Amazon’s data is public (including indicative sales levels via BSR), I figured there should be a way just to absorb everything and use this to find the best possible options rather than starting with a guess. I finally made the leap when I realised that there are so many subcategories aligning to different products - the perfect way of structuring listing data to product ideas.

The most important parts of the product are available now in beta for a discounted price (see below). As the Google Sheets version was successful, I have now moved that app into Metabase (although I do ❤️ sheets) in order to add extra functionality, performance and even more data!

The main product that people pay for with Catsnatcher is the raw data and the potential profit they can make off it. Metabase’s infrastructure (storage, sorting, filtering etc.) allows me to build quickly whilst allowing users a way to quickly yet extensively explore it. Having said that, the app will be more advanced and include tracking favorites and finding niches beyond subcategory bounds (on keywords, for example).

The beta rate is $95 for full access to the data for one year.

If you signup and pay here you will be given a Metabase account with the data and full functionality within a few hours.

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