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How Does It Work?

Did you know?

Amazon has over 40,000 highly specific categories, reflecting every product you could imagine

Catsnatcher reverse-engineers these categories to help sellers find high profit niches with low competition 💰

Our system generates ideas instead of having you think of an idea before testing similar listings like you would with other product research tools

While listing-focused tools are useful for Wholesalers, Private Label (new branded product) sellers are looking to choose a niche in which to create a product, not a single listing where they will 'compete for the buy box'

How is it different from Jungle Scout, AMZN Scout and other Amazon product research tools?

Ideas On Tap

The difference between Catsnatcher and other Amazon product research tools is that here, product ideas are generated for you via highly specific categories. This saves you having to ideate yourself and manually search each permutation.

360° Analysis

Catsnatcher's metrics touch on every aspect of a product you need to be successful. This includes sales volume, listing quality, reviews, FBA pricing, dominance even the potential for adding product variants and accessories.

Deep Dive

Once you have a shortlist of solid categories, you can zoom in to see up to the top 20 products in that niche. Beyond seeing more granular metrics, this allows you to see what you're up against and exactly what typical listings look like.

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Feature Rich

Save searches and shortlists of ideas to review and compare

Complex filter patterns allow you to find your perfect niche

Beta on Google Sheets/Metabase with deep analytics and industry-leading SLA

Over 3.8M data points give insight into every aspect of a niche

Highly specific subcategories do your ideation for you

Updated regularly with the latest metrics and new categories

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